Integrating Into Full Self


Shauna Herter, Vancouver Clinical Hypnotherapist

Combining western scientific and eastern traditional modalities to embrace the depths of the mind, body spirit, Shauna gently guides you to a new experience of optimum health.

Backed by more than two decades of formal training, interdisciplinary study and personal practice throughout the world, Shauna is a cool, refreshing spring of playful and masterful intuition. Her experienced guidance and process of inquiry helps you to illuminate any physical, mental or energetic imbalances, and address these misalignments with an open, deliberate, supported approach, returning you to a pure, authentic and healthy state of being.

My experience with Shauna and hypnosis was one of the best experiences I’ve had when it comes to dealing with stress and personal health issues. Shauna is very gentle, compassionate and giving when she helped me through a certain transition in my life. Her work ethic is calming and trustful and I noticed the health benefits and difference in my behaviour as I was able to utilize the tools and techniques that she taught me throughout our sessions. She’s a gem.

C.S. - Writer, Producer, Actor

Shauna literally embodies, in my mind, what a really good therapist should be like. Her professionalism is impeccable. Much more importantly, she is effective! I have had 7 or 8 therapy sessions with Shauna, and I can state without doubt that she has helped me. My recommendation? Give her a shot, she can help.

P.B-E. - IT Consultant, Manager

Shauna is wise, compassionate, patient, highly intuitive, and engenders a sense of confidence and security. She was adept at supporting me to find what was in my heart of hearts to work on, her gentle facilitation allowed me to access my wisdom. She was totally present for me and held the space impeccably. I felt the healing process start the moment I got in the car to drive over to her place. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue working with her.

L.A.S. – Musician, Composer, Facilitator

My work with Shauna came at a time that I needed it most. Shauna guides me powerfully and gently into my subconscious mind, where I am able to gain resolution and understanding to issues that have shaped my life since birth (and maybe even earlier). I always feel nurtured by Shauna’s feminine presence, and as a woman feel totally safe diving into issues that I know affect many women today, such as shame, power, safety and sexuality.

R.A. – Naturopathic Doctor

I am bursting with good things to say about Shauna. She has a sharp mind, understanding heart and a flare for freeing our bodies from their stuck trauma places. If you feel inhibited or have issues of unworthiness about your body talk to Shauna. I did and she gently moved me to a new appreciation and self respect for myself.

J.B. - CAP, Facilitator